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Daniel Poisson
Born September 3, 1976 in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. I was raised throughout British Columbia in small towns. I have traveled across Canada, as well as internationally to places throughout the USA, England, France, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Guatemala, Jamaica and more. These travels have given me diverse life experiences that continue to enhance my depth, drive, and passion as an artist.

My mother collected all of my art from the time I was a child. Throughout elementary school I received fine arts awards for my unique, creative eye. In high school I filled many sketch books and canvases with pastels, paints, and various styles of illustration. A high school art teacher pressured me to immediately start keeping all of my work, as she saw it was something that would surely carry me into the future, and one day become valuable to me. I began to catalogue and store all of my work. These creations, in various forms, are in my archives to this day and I wish to one day create my own “visual biography”.

I presented my first exhibit in Nanaimo BC Canada when I was 20 years old. Soon after, I moved to Victoria, a larger city with better exposure, where I displayed in retail stores, designed drop sheets for music events and exhibited in other establishments such as Retro Wear Clothing and The Limit Nightclub. In my early 20's, I began to pursue the arts as my primary passion. Throughout my travels, I have set up to paint on walkways, green spaces, cruise ships and beaches. I never at the time, realized what I was creating would ultimately become a desire to create through the "live" experience. In 2002 I moved to Whistler BC Canada and began to paint live at the local festivals. In 2007, I began working as an assistant and artist with a collective known as Blind Mute Productions. I assisted with event set-up, photography, documentation, decoration, art hanging, bartending, dj’ing, security, hosting and artistic direction.

A trip to Panama for an artist commission project in 2008-2009, allowed me to complete a large body of over 30 paintings (up to 8 feet wide) for a collector, and travel extensively in Central America. While in Panama I was awarded a large mural commission project by the Resort Municipality of Whistler. My girlfriend and I painted a permanent, 600 sq. foot, 2-walled mural titled: “Full Circle” in 2009 in Whistler.

I remain active in donating artwork, products and services to environmental, charity and fundraising causes. As well, I routinely write letters to the powers-that-be regarding issues of our day and why I feel they are important. I now have many artworks hanging on many walls around the world and work diligently out of my home studio in Victoria BC Canada.

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